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7 in 1 Straps Ultra Smartwatch Standby Interface: Enter the standby inter face. Dial Pad: Connect to the mobile phone to dial out Via Bluetooth, and you can make a call on the watch side. Contact: After the bracelet is successfully connected to the App , you can add a contact in the APP, After the contact is successfully added, the phonebook of the bracelet will be displayed synchronously. Call Record: Can display the call record of the wristband, click the phone number to dial. Information: The content of the message push can be displayed. Movement: Enter the sports mode (running, rope skipping, cycling, mountain climbing) selection interface. Sports Record: Record all exercise data. Pedometer: Calculate your step count data for the day, Clear the data at 00:00 in the morning and view it in APP. Sleep Monitoring: Turn on sleep detection to monitor the quality of sleep while sleeping. Sedentary Reminder: Set the sedentary time, the bracelet will vibrate when the time is up, and the interface will display a reminder. Heart Rate: Put the Watch close to your wrist, and the best place to wear it is on the upper arm of the wrist bone.

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